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Dr. Ed Crossman Muskellunge Research Education Grants

Description and Goals

Muskies Canada Inc. has a long history of "giving back" to the resource by getting involved in projects and initiatives that support our natural Muskellunge population. Our members volunteer their time and provide financial support for various research and habitat projects each year. One of the best ways we can support the future of the resource is to provide funding to students working on Muskellunge research in Canada.

Unfortunately for the Muskellunge; it's not a popular creature for students to study. There are other fish that present less challenges and are easier to work with. However with these challenges comes a great reward in potentially ensuring the survival of Canada's largest freshwater apex predator. As Dr. Stephen Cooke of Carleton University stated recently. "It takes a certain type of person to carry out this type of challenging research." See "Project Noble Beast" for details of the study completed by Sean Landsman, a recent graduate student at Carleton University.

We are proud to be able to honour one of Canada's leading Muskellunge researchers, Dr. Ed Crossman, by providing a grant in his name of $1000.00 to a university or college student carrying out fisheries research relevant to Muskellunge in Canada. Up to 3 grants will be awarded each year.

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Note: These grants will be provided at the discretion of the MCI National Executive Committee on a yearly basis, dependent on the availability of funds and the nature of the proposed research projects. The grants are funded and administered by Muskies Canada Sport Fishing & Research Inc.

Applications will be accepted between December 1st and February 15th each year. Funds will be distributed by April 30th of the application year. An application must be submitted via email to president@muskiescanada.ca identifying the following information:

  • Researcher/student & contact information
  • Research supervisor & contact information
  • Name of educational institution
  • General timeframe of research activity
  • Outline of research activity
  • Water body (if applicable)

Upon completion of the research activity the student will provide a short report about the findings to Muskies Canada. The student agrees to have this information published in the Muskies Canada Release Journal and website.

Muskies Canada Inc. reserves the right request further information and to authenticate all information pertaining to the application. All information submitted by the applicant will be held in the strictest confidence.

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Public Education Director: Jim Herod

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