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Muskie Fishing News 2018

Another Successful Year For Lake Simcoe - by Dave (MR. B) BoxallMarch 16 2009

Lake Simcoe Muskie Restoration Program Jan - March 2009 Update

At the beginning of 2008, several improvements were made to the facility at the Frost Campus. They were finishing touches and refinements that there was no money for the first year. Both the Hamilton and KW chapters donated several thousand to the school for the project which was used to help finance these upgrades and refinements. Thanks for the financial support on the program.

The netting went off without a hitch getting all the families required for the program. All the eggs that come from the Pool and a portion of the eggs collected from Georgian Bay are for Lake Simcoe. The rest are slated to go to the Wisconsin DNR for their program.

The improvements that were done at the Georgian Bay Fishing and Hunting Club hatchery worked well in 2008. Last year they had several upgrades to the facility performed through a CFWIP grant, upgrade directions from Sir Sanford and the help of dedicated volunteers from their club.

We had a significant change at the Frost Campus, Mark Newell. Mark replaces Sasha as the 24/7 technologist in charge of the program for the collage. I can tell you he did a fantastic job this year with even more fingerlings this year than last.

The two MNR biologists, Jason Borwick(Aurora) and Brad Allan(Midhurst) have both taken positions to work on the provincial Save Lake Simcoe program. Jason is still working with us as the lead biologist for the MNR but Brad had to be replaced. In the middle of the year Stacey McKee(Midhurst) stepped up and did a masterful job and is a key member of the project now. Stacey and Jason also looked for new sites that can be used for the restocking and out of 6 identified as possibles, 4 satisfied the requirement they were looking for. As time goes on some work might have to be done to enhance the release points. I would also like to give credit for any photographs used with this article to the MNR.

Financially we are OK for 2009 and 2010. We have always tried to have the financing for the next two years with our minimum budget per year of approximately $20,000.00. We are committed for another 3 years minimum with Sir Sanford Fleming. We have had donations by several clubs in the Simcoe area with OFAH Zone-G alone donating a total of $10,000.00 over 3 years. We also received Several Thousand from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans from a court settlement from the lake. Muskies Canada has also approved a $5,000.00 donation for 2009.

Our Ladies of the Lake is a very powerful proactive group supporting the come back of Lake Simcoe. I believe they were very active even before the Federal and Provincial governments got involved. I was approached by the group to have the club and the Lake Simcoe Muskie Restoration Program added to a new web page that is dedicated to all the groups that are involved with the current work on the lake. You can view the site at www.ourlakesimcoe.com/. We are under Players and Projects and we are the only fishing club on the site that I can find. Everything about the club and the program I put in had to drastically reduce as we were only allowed so much space.

Finally how we did this year. Actually we did fabulously. As I am writing this the Wisconsin DNR still have not received permission to have any of the fish cross the border which means the numbers that I will give you is larger than what we would have received otherwise. In total there were 1817 fall fingerlings found a new home in Lake Simcoe. Out of this number 383 came from the Georgian Bay hatchery. Unless there is a last minute change there should be a final stocking of yearlings like we had last year. Unfortunately yearling will not imprint (return to the spot for spawning) usually so those few fish may never spawn.

We are getting ready for this year's netting and there should be a calendar available that will allow members to sign up to assist the MNR in the egg co llection from the Gloucester Pool. As far as I know there has not been one fish captured twice in this program which says a lot for the numbers in the Pool. I should have dates for netting for the chapter chairmen early enough for your April meetings.

Tight Lines
Dave (MR. B) Boxall

Images courtesy OMNR

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