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Muskie Fishing News 2018

2009 MCI Board of Directors Meeting Official Report - by Steve NelsonMarch 1 2009

The annual Board of Directors meeting was held in Gananoque on the weekend of February 21, 22.

The meeting room was crowded with approximately 50 attendees present. The representation of all of our chapters, including our newest chapters: Basses-Laurentides, Mississauga, and the Kawartha Lakes helped to increase the total. Once again the 'longest drive' award would have to go to our members from the St. John River Chapter. Their attendance as well as everyone else, helped to make the meeting productive and important for the coming year. The meeting was also attended by past Presidents: Bruce Park (MCI Founder and current Mississauga Chairman), Paul Gasbarino and Jim Kelly (all are Muskies Canada Hall of Fame members).

All of the Muskies Canada chapters reported to be doing well, not only financially but they are enthusiastic in their desire to protect and enhance the Musky fishing resource in their home territories.

The KTD sign program is alive and well. Jason Murray of Belle River is looking to track and locate KTD signs already installed. This information will eventually be included on the club website.
Ron Reyns is working towards a 'sponsorship' of KTD signs by private corporations. This is important to their new Kawartha Lakes chapter who estimate that at least 250 KTD signs will be required in their territory over the next several years.

Marc Pitre presented the new and improved KTD signs he has been working on. Marc has updated the obsolete information and freshened up the artwork. Plans are to have several types of the artwork available including full steel signs, replacement decals and possibly posters.

Yanik Caissy-Cyr of the Basses-Laurentide Chapter presented a new format he developed to capture the release log information for their chapter and possibly the Montreal chapter. It's basically a card that fits in your wallet and you can enter a code for a number of water bodies and rod hours. It was well received by the group.

Ken Taggart has been working constantly to improve our Release Journal. In addition to the black and white version mailed out to the membership, an online 'Full Color' version has been posted on our website for the last few issues. You will see it soonÂ…

A new trophy and award was instituted at the meeting.
The 'Paul Gasbarino Distinguished Service Award' was presented to both Paul Gasbarino and Jim Hutchings for their service and dedication to Muskies Canada. Another award was presented to Steve Eldridge of the St. John River chapter honouring his 52" x 27" release, which was the first Release of a 50" Muskellunge in New Brunswick.

The replica mount of the 57" x 33" Dale MacNair musky, was presented during the dinner break of the BOD. Many members took the opportunity to have a picture taken with the giant fish. Muskies Canada agreed to declare the Dale MacNair fish as "The Largest Catch & Release Musky Ever Recorded".

The Muskies Canada website will hopefully take another quantum leap under the direction of Dan Araquel. Dan's proposals and suggestions were accepted by the group, and time permitting membership and release logs will be on line soon. Other wish list items will develop as time permits.

A Constitutional Review Committee was established to look at the Code of Conduct, Discipline Issues and Election issues. Chaired by Paul Gasbarino, Jim Kelly, Jim Hutchings, Marc Pitre, Vince Guiliani, Bill Best and Anrdee Brais.

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