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Important Info Regarding Project Noble BeastMay 24 2010

Project Noble Beast urges ALL Anglers encountering Muskellunge in the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers to follow a few simple guidelines.

Important Info Regarding Project Noble Beast

This coming year you may encounter muskies being used in the Project Noble Beast study with a small Floy tag and radio transmitter (with whip antenna) attached to them. For the Rideau, we have 11 in the Long Reach between Kars and Kemptville and 3-4 in the Eccolands stretch. In the Ottawa we have almost 25 between Rockland and Wendover. If you catch one of these fish, please remove the radio transmitter, but leave the Floy tag. The batteries have likely expired, and the simple act of being recaptured has proved our point (that muskies can survive the C&R process and live to fight another day). We can replace the battery and use the transmitter again.

It is very likely (certain) that we will be putting more transmitters on fish this summer in the same stretches. You can still remove these transmitters. The safest way (for the fish) to remove the transmitters is to use a pair of wire or bolt cutters and snip the wires that extend through the white muscle. Once cut, everything should just slide right out.

On the Eccolands stretch, it should be noted that there will be 8 fish with stitches on their bellies. PLEASE DO NOT CUT THE STITCHES. There will also likely be another 8 muskies with acoustic transmitters attached to the outside. These transmitters do not have an antenna, and SHOULD be left attached to the fish.

** If one of these fish is caught, please email or call me (or get in contact with Chris Purdy or Hedrik Wachelka) with the details (ESPECIALLY THE TIME). **

Thanks for your cooperation! See you all on the water! (Go 'Hawks Go)

Sean Landsman
Project Noble Beast

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