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Muskie Fishing News 2018

ALL members fishing the Kawartha Lakes are urged to take scale samples or fin clippings from all the muskies they catch and releaseJune 10 2010

In keeping with what has been accomplished in the way of muskie family identification from the Spanish River through to Lake Simcoe, we are doing the same in the Kawartha Lakes.

Gentlemen and Ladies:

In keeping with the genetic studies being conducted by Dr. Chris Wilson and Trent University, we are asking our members to take DNA samples for this purpose.

This will help us to identify muskie families and hopefully their home spawning areas. This may give us some ideas on how we can protect these spawning areas from habitat destruction due to development and other situations. This may also enable us to establish the interaction of Northern Pike and Muskies when they cross paths. This is a major component of what, in the long run, may be a way of finding out if we can keep the pike and the muskies separated at spawning times.

We are going to supply scale envelopes and preserving liquid in small vials for this purpose. We would like ALL club members, who fish the Kawartha Lakes, to take scale samples or fin clippings from all the muskies they catch and release. A simple pinch behind the head of the muskie will remove a couple of scales, which is all that would be required. The alternative to scales are fingernail clipping size portions of any fin tip. This can be done with nail clippers or blunt end small scissors. Please DO NOT use pointed scissors, as there is too much of a chance to stab a thrashing fish.

We hope that everyone fishing the Kawartha's, will comply with this request, as the Invasion Committee members feel that this is extremely important. This exercise is also being commenced in the Ottawa area.

When you have your samples ready, they can be placed in the freezer or refrigerator and submitted at your earliest convenience to your chapter release director, for submission to either Tom McCutcheon or me (Paul Gasbarino), by contacting us via e-mail:

Paul Gasbarino at pgasbarino@gmail.com
Tom McCutcheon at ifish2@persona.ca

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